The Friends of the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge were organized to provide support for the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge located in Bibb County, Alabama. The group was formed with a specific mission in mind – to support the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge in its efforts to protect, preserve, and restore its diverse, natural, and historic resources in a manner which will enhance the educational and recreational aspects for the public.

The Refuge was established September 25, 2002 and the size currently stands at 3,600 acres.

The Friends of the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge support the Fish & Wildlife Service staff in its efforts to………………….

The management goals for the Cahaba River NWR are to maintain and improve the biological integrity of the Cahaba River and adjacent systems. The refuge provides habitat for at least 12 federally listed threatened or endangered species.

The forests, canebreaks and outcroppings along the rivers and streams of the Cahaba River provide habitats for many species of plants and animals. Upland habitats show obvious effects of past intensive use, yet, upland habitats continue to provide habitat for many bird species of national concern.

The CRNWR is currently unstaffed and relies heavily on local groups and volunteers to educate the public. Volunteers are available to share the groups missions and goals.

Management goals are to maintain and improve the biological integrity of the Cahaba River and adjacent systems and, where possible, restore these systems to pre-settlement conditions. The refuge management anticipates using prescribed fire, timber harvesting, tree planting, and other tools to restore altered lands.


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We are working on a new site and plan to be up to date in June 2015. If you have questions or would like to buy a t-shirt, please contact us at cahabafriends@gmail.com.

The Refuge

Cahaba River NWR is one of nation’s newest National Wildlife Refuges, the 540th in fact. Established September 25, 2002 for the purpose of protecting and managing a unique section of the Cahaba River and land adjacent to it. Cahaba River NWR is home to five federally listed species including the Cahaba shiner, goldline darter, round rocksnail, and cylindrical lioplax snail.

The Cahaba River itself stretches for almost 200 miles and is Alabama’s longest free-flowing stream. The river currently supports 64 rare and imperiled plant and animal species, 13 of which are found nowhere else in the world. The river has more fish species at 131 than any other river it’s size in North America. Over seven miles of the Cahaba lie within the approved acquisition boundary. The rolling uplands surrounding the river are forested with mountain longleaf and loblolly pines. Mixed upland hardwood species line ravines and the river’s edge.

The largest known stand of the imperiled shoals lily (known locally as the Cahaba lily) also occurs within the Refuge. During summer months, this beautiful plant blooms and people come from across the region to view this magnificent display of nature. There is even an annual Cahaba lily festival that draws thousands of visitors to the area the last Saturday in May.

Getting There . . .
Cahaba River NWR is located in Bibb County, Alabama, approximately six miles east of West Blocton on County road 24. River access is provided by a gravel road on the south (right) side of Bibb County Road 24 approximately 250 yards past the refuge entrance sign.


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Current River Conditions




As of May 2, 2014